Going Rogue has never been so fun!

Scavenger hunt in NYC – finding all the places Maggie met Angelo! Of course we couldn’t get inside Gramercy Park – no safe crackers among us, but we had fun anyway.
Going Rogue by Robin Benway
Published by Walker Books an imprint of Bloomsbury

Going Rogue is Ms Benway’s second book in the Also Known As series. Once again Maggie, her family, and her friends are caught up with intrigue in the Collective. Action and adventure keep the readers on their toes throughout the book as Maggie, her family and her friends try to bring down Dominique and clean out the corruption in the Collective. My teen daughter (see above) loves this series and thoroughly enjoyed the scavenger hunt. This book & series are perfect for teens interested in a strong girl protagonist and nonstop action and adventure, nonstop fun.

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