The Ultimate Hit – Death!

The Hit by Melvin Burgess
Published by Chicken House an imprint of Scholastic 2/25/2014


Death – a euthanasia drug for the terminal ill becomes a super drug for those under 25. After taking Death, you have one week of living the ultimate high before you die. Melvin Burgess creates a world where suicide by Death is popular, where the disparity between the classes triggers a revolution by the Zealots, and where a brother surreptitiously is a Zealots. While this seems like a dystopian novel, Mr Burgess cleverly turns it into farce complete with violence, psychopaths, greediness and self-immolation. Of course, the only one that sees the truth is Lizzie. I look forward to recommending this to my students. What will there reaction be? Will they see the farce or won’t they? The Hit will certainly get people talking.

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