Fat Boy (aka Gabe) makes one fine leader!

Fat Boy vs the Cheerleaders by Geoff Herbach
Published by Sourcebooks Fire 5/6/2014


Fat Boy vs the Cheerleaders is the story of how one boy leads the fight against cheerleader dominance. Or at least against cheerleaders using band camp money from the pop machine at school for the new dance squad. Geoff Herbach deftly tells the story in the form of transcripts taken during the interrogation of Gabe (the Fat Boy), who was caught stealing money from said pop machine. The story is so ingeniously crafted that the reader gets drawn into the events and forgets we are actually at the Police Station until a cellphone rings. Mr. Herbach populates the story with quirky characters that leave us laughing out loud and who eventually become unlikely heroes. In the midst of hilarity, hidden lessons on scarcity, civics, protests, and eating healthy can be found. What is not to like in this hilarious story? Give Fat Boy vs the Cheerleaders not only to fans of Geoff Herbach, but also to fans of Gordon Korman and wait for the laughter to begin.

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