Broken Hearts, Fences and other things which may or may not be mended…:)

Broken Hearts, Fences and Other Things to Mend by Katie Finn
Published by Feiwel & Friends


Gemma’s summer plans go askew when her boyfriend of two years dumps her and her mom & step-father are headed to Scotland. Instead of staying home, she’ll spend her summer with her dad in the Hamptons. Not so bad unless it happens to be the place where she wreaked havoc five summers ago. As Gemma heads out of town, chance encounters, mistaken names, and trying to right wrongs collide and mayhem ensues. What’s a girl to do?

Katie Finn masterfully creates Gemma’s crazy world where everything that can go wrong will go wrong and where “karma’s a bitch” seems to apply more than “forgive and forget.” The story has the readers so caught up Gemma’s life that we want to scream at her and tell her to stop the scheming because it will only make things worse! Interwoven in the story are twists and turns that surprise even the most jaded of us in addition to an ending that leaves us stunned. Ms Finn takes readers on a ride of mayhem and no holds barred revenge and all I can say is HOLD ON!

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