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Shackleton’s doomed odyssey!

Shackleton: Antarctic Odyssey by Nick Bertozzi
Published by First Second 6/17/2014

ShackletonGraphic Full Disclosure: I am a Shackleton fanatic. I have read numerous books, watched PBS specials, and bought my father a 1st edition of South by Ernest Shackleton. Yep, fanatic!

Ernest Shackleton tried to reach the South Pole on numerous expeditions, but it wasn’t meant to be. Even though he missed the opportunity to get there first, he couldn’t let go of his desire to explore Antarctica. His next ambitious move – to lead the first expedition to cross Antarctica through the South Pole.

Nick Bertozzi takes the powerful story of Shackleton’s Trans-Antarctic expedition of 1914 and does a superb job of bringing it to life in his graphic novel Shackleton: Antarctic Odyssey. Through his drawings and text, Mr. Bertozzi skillfully weaves a story of facts about Shackleton’s past and his current expedition with the human face of Shackleton & crew and their struggle to survive. Needless to say some of the story is horrific and Mr. Bertozzi wisely throws in hints of humor to counteract the horror via penguins, the dogs, and potty humor. Shackleton’s story is one of perseverance even in the face of disaster, a story to admire, a story to share, a story to read again and again and we are lucky to have Mr. Bertozzi’s version. Teens and tweens who love adventure stories as well as those who love history will enjoy this nonfiction graphic novel. Librarians be forewarned – keep plenty on hand.