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I am the Mission, the Weapon, the Assassin

I am the Mission by Allen Zadoff
Published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers 6/17/2014


After his last mission Zack went off the grid to think, but “Father” managed to track him down. For his next assignment, his name is Daniel and he must complete a mission where another teen assassin failed. The target? A crazy ex-lieutenant colonel who runs a military camp for teens. It’s supposed to be an in-and-out mission – go to a recruiting event and get it done, no going into the camp. But when events take a turn for the worse, Daniel heads into camp against “Father’s” orders.

Allen Zadoff, a master of writing non-stop action & adventure stories, does it again with I Am the Mission. From his first words to the last sentence, readers are drawn into the assassin’s mission where everyone is a suspect and every snap of a twig sends our hearts racing. At one point, I had to put the book down just so my heart would stop pounding! The feints within feints and the fast-paced action will keep even the most reluctant readers hooked. Give this to any teen who likes spy novels or adventure stories; just be prepared for the question, “when is the next one coming out?”

I Am The Weapon!

I Am the Weapon (The Unknown Assassin) by Allen Zadoff
Reprinted by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers 5/13/2014


Teen boys make the perfect assassins – no one expects them. They infiltrate schools and befriend students all in order to gain access to their target. The Weapon did not start out as an assassin; he was trained by The Program after his parents were murdered – they had questionable loyalties. In order to survive, he keeps himself clinically detached – detached from feelings, detached from his past. In I Am the Weapon, we follow him as he finishes one assignment and starts another, but this one will challenge him like never before.

Readers’ hearts will be pounding from the beginning as Allen Zadoff deftly creates an atmosphere of tension, an atmosphere of fear. By the end, we won’t know whether we should continue to read or stop because we are afraid of the outcome. Short chapters and non-stop action will keep teens – both boys and girls – glued to the pages and anxiously awaiting the next installment of Unknown Assassin. Luckily for us, the sequel – I Am the Mission – will be released on June 17th. #reluctantreaders